BlissDom gals love 80s cover band Spazmatics

last night was girls’ night out at BlissDom.

Spazmatics of Texas

Spazmatics 80s band with the BlissDom gals…

i’m not sure that too many of us blogging party people had any fun.

the BlissDom gals take the stage during Oh Mickey with the Spazmatics

the BlissDom gals take the stage during Oh Mickey with the Spazmatics

here we are at the Glass Cactus after party where the Spazmatics played.  The Glass Cactus is rated by Billboard Magazine as one of the U.S.’s top 25 hottest clubs in the U.S.  The sound quality in this venue is phenomenal, which is hard to say for most nightclubs.

BlissDom gals with Spazmatics

happiest drummer in the house

i have to say, when i heard that an 80s cover band was playing, i was secretly excited, but also really hoping that they wouldn’t suck.

they didn’t disappoint.  the Spazmatics are an entertaining group of guys playing super authentic 80s covers.

BlissDom gals

they played to track, sometimes making me wonder if they were actually playing.  sure, there was the occasional pretend gee-tar strumming, but for the most part, these guys were playing.  the lead guitarist was quite talented, playing some great riffs and solos that would rival the real versions of the songs.

lead guitarist of Bassist from lead singer of Spazmatics of Texas


the lead singer had a good range, hitting some surprising high notes!

their schtick is funny.  they dress in geeky outfits, speak in awkward high-pitched voices, and tell clever (“We’ve been ovary-taken”) and sometimes some not-so-clever jokes paired with silly sound effects.


if my raspy voice, puffy eyes, and sore feet are any indication, i had a great time reliving great and awkward junior high and high school memories through their  music.

Bassist from lead singer of Spazmatics of Texas

who knows what these guys off-stage, but who cares.  seems like they’ve got a great thing going playing everything from Michael Jackson to Def Leppard.

Drummer of Spazmatics of Texas

at one point, they invited some women join on stage for Oh Mickey!  little did they know the entire audience would end up on stage.

BlissDom bloggers on stage with Spazmatics

can i blog about this?

the Spazmatics had no idea what hit ’em….

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  1. Cynthia_OhSoPinteresting says

    This was one of my favorite parts of Blissdom! It’s not often I get to let my hair down and just have a good time with a bunch of fun people dancing to music from my youth. I must admit, the recovery the next day was much tougher than way back when.

    • imeeshu says

      holy eye bags…mine were so big i could’ve fit all the free swag we got at the conference! there wasn’t enough prep H cream one could have used to help my party eyes. 🙂

  2. Melissa @jonahbonah says

    this is awesome! they were awesome! i wish i would’ve stayed later…but being pregnant in a bar was weird. LOL {hey, that’s me up there!!!}

  3. Heather says

    Wow. I left just before they came on stage. 🙂 Looks like everyone had a blast! I was busy following Kate from The Small Things to figure out how she did her hair. LOL #stalker