a cold day on the slopes

li’l G hit ski school today. it was cold. this mommy felt guilty. but mommy was proud that he finally mastered ‘pizza’ and got to ride on the chairlift for the first time! with gusts up to 20 mph, i was shivering just watching! but he’s tough. and he earned his ice cream! here’s a […]

Madison Florence :: young inventor of the shower reader

i truly believe that the United States continues to be a dominant influence because of our culture of innovation.  sure, we’re exporting our manufacturing everywhere, but you can’t teach entrepreneurship, desires to invent, and passion to create overnight. this is why i believe we’ve got a leg up for at least the next 30-50 years […]

BlissDom gals love 80s cover band Spazmatics

last night was girls’ night out at BlissDom. i’m not sure that too many of us blogging party people had any fun. here we are at the Glass Cactus after party where the Spazmatics played.  The Glass Cactus is rated by Billboard Magazine as one of the U.S.’s top 25 hottest clubs in the U.S. […]

maple bacon doughnuts? yes, please.

our amazingly creative pal Sumter is opening the most incredible gourmet doughnut store ever. here’s a classic pic of sumter on one of our namotu surf trips.  classic. he’s got an amazing right brain.  he designs hip men’s clothing, remodels gorgeous homes, writes his own music, and has incredible passion for the arts. so it […]

Two story pirate fort

Have you ever wanted to build your kid a cool fort? Check this one out! Woah…. A two-story pirate fort overlooking the Pacific Ocean. My friend built this for his son…in his spare time. Incredible! Look at the detail in this fort! No detail was forgotten. This attention to detail is also what he does […]

cook. shoot. eat.

wow.  i’m so blessed to have so many talented friends. i had a few gal pals over for a day of cooking, chatting, shooting (of the cameras), eating, sharing, and laughing. i’m a big believer that everyone has something to teach and share….and i love to learn. we’ll be posting the recipes, photos and other […]

my loves

i haven’t had much time to blog in the past few months.  the product i’m working on is taking off and i’ve been working some insane hours. so when i’m home, i’m cherishing my time with these nuggets.  how’d i get so lucky?  

lessons learned from a horse.

while i’ve often yearned to live the little house on the prairie life, the truth is, i’m as suburban as it gets.  i’m even allergic to horses. as a kid, i used to save up my babysitting money to ride horses on fridays with my friend katie krause.  we knew nothing about horses and were […]

Introducing :: Jessica Cedarland Photography

jessica is a good friend. her work moves me. she’s a so cal girl who now lives in south carolina. stay tuned for more from this amazing woman!  in the meantime, check out jcedarlandphotography.com.