Madison Florence :: young inventor of the shower reader

Madison Florance, inventor of the shower reader

Madison Florance, inventor of the Shower Reader

i truly believe that the United States continues to be a dominant influence because of our culture of innovation.  sure, we’re exporting our manufacturing everywhere, but you can’t teach entrepreneurship, desires to invent, and passion to create overnight.

this is why i believe we’ve got a leg up for at least the next 30-50 years on the rest of the world.

so when i discovered that my neighbor, Madison, placed 2nd in her 5th grade Invention Convention, i needed to see what she made!  Maddie is a precocious young lady with a passion for reading.  given that i look forward to riding on a plane just so that i can read SkyMall, this girl inspires me!

she loves reading so much that she invented the Shower Reader.  read on!

name: Madison Florance

grade: 5th

school attended: Aliso Viejo Christian School

favorite subject: Reading

tell me a little about the invention convention: All of the 5th graders in the school are required to create something that has not been invented. Ideas are first approved by the teacher for originality and feasibility. Idea boards are created to go along with the final invention creation. All inventions are judged by the school body.

why did you invent the shower reader? Because I love to read and didn’t want to miss out on reading time while taking a shower. I also got bored in the shower and thought reading would be a way good way to pass the time.

shower reader invention by Madison Florance

how long did it take to make? About 6 days

shower reader invention by Madison Florance

do you use it every day? Most of the time

shower reader invention by Madison Florance

how would you improve upon it next time? Make it more steam proof

have any of your friends asked you to make one for them? One friend did! A lot of people said they liked it and voted for it as the best invention.

shower reader invention by Madison Florance

who’s your favorite author? I don’t really have a favorite…I pretty much love most books I read.

shower reader invention by Madison Florance

how many books do you read each week? About 5-7 books.

Madison Florance, inventor of shower reader

what 10 books would you recommend to young readers like you? Navigating Early, Uglies, Jump Ship to Freedom, The Twits, Helen Keller’s Teacher, The Summer of Moonlight Secrets, The Name of This Book is Secret, Ten Miles Past Normal, The Secret Tree, Matilda

Madison Florance doing the happy dance

do you have a favorite recipe you could share with my readers? I love bean and cheese burritos! Take tortilla, add warm beans, cheese…and roll! So easy and so delicious!!

sweet Madison Florance


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  1. Grandma says

    So awesome Madison! Love it and love you!!