when your two year old finds an error in an iPad app

lil G has been playing this US states game for the past week.  it’s a Montessori-based game, which i figured was good for him to learn.  it has the states’ shapes, a red button that plays the name of the state, and a green button that locates the state on the US map.  after 10 days (and lots of potty training time playing the game!), lil G was impressing us with his knowledge of the states.

the other game we downloaded just displays shapes…no verbal call outs whatsoever…and obviously he isn’t yet reading. so imagine how shocked we were when he started playing that game and called out each states’ name by recognizing the shape!  WHAT?!?!  i’m lucky to know 15-20 states and just figured that he ‘knew’ the states from the Montessori game b/c of the verbal call out.
so it came as even more of a shock when he pointed out an error in the new game.
“Mommy, that’s South Carolina!”
“No, lil G.  That’s Georgia.”
“No, Mommy.  It’s South Carolina!  Mimi and Papa Carl live there.”
After a few back and forths, I checked the map…low and behold….lil G is right.
How the heck am I supposed to keep up with this kid?
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Hi Meesh,

Thanks so much for letting us know. We will make sure and correct this during the next week and submit a new version for review. I will let you know when it is available in the App Store.

Sam DenHartog

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Subject: i’m 2.5 yrs old and found an error in your US States game

i know this sounds ridiculous, but i found an error in your US States Match ’em Up game. when you click on the picture of Georgia, it’s a picture of S. Carolina. i kept trying to tell my mommy that it wasn’t correct, and finally after the tenth time, she checked a map, and sure enough, i was right.

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