Bella Luna Yacht Charter :: So Cal luxury

We were headed to a wedding in Santa Barbara and decided to take a slight detour to visit some friends on their gorgeous yacht, Bella Luna. They’re located in the Channel Islands Harbor and host guests for day excursions for fishing, whale watching, and up close and personal tours of the beautiful Channel Islands. While […]

gorgeous mexican riviera destination wedding

i’m so glad my husband and i got married pre-pinterest. folks, the stakes are HIGH now. you can’t just have a ho-hum wedding these days. pin big, or stay single. those are the options these days. my hubby’s twin got married to his amazing new bride. she chose the Rosewood Mayakoba Resort, which undoubtedly is the […]

a gorgeous, romantic, Napa wedding

we just returned from the most gorgeous and romantic wedding….ever. the setting was idyllic with the changing leaves and warm breezes. i wanted to practice my photo skills, especially in low lighting. and there’s no better place to do that than in napa at the pristine Beaulieu Garden, which i believe is the private family […]

en route to philly :: photo essay

i’ve always loved taking trains.  they’re convenient, fast, relaxing. for a recent train ride, rather than diving into my cell phone or reading, i purposefully grabbed my camera and snapped away, enjoying the sights the ride from NYC to Philly offer. it was a warm but very rainy day.  i just love how the Stamford […]

flashback :: u penn reunion


a guide to Paris with young kids

hello friends!  sorry that i’ve gone missing for a few weeks.  after returning from colorado, i was prepping to take both kids, sans hubby, to beautiful (and chilly) Paris. that’s right…you read correctly….a 2 year old, a 4.5 year old, 3 iphones, an ipad, lots of snacks, a few diapers, some benadryl and i went […]

Austria Haus :: Vail, CO

i love the mountains….i have a big spot in my heart for it even though i grew up a beach girl. ever since the first time Uncle Mac invited us to ski in Tahoe, i’ve been hooked. this spring break, i had the chance to bring li’l G to Vail for the first time.  i’ve […]

Namotu Island Fiji :: private surf resort

my husband and i got married several years ago and we opted to hold off on our Fijian honeymoon for a variety of reasons. first, we were older than the average newlywed and had learned from other friends that delaying the honeymoon would make it more enjoyable, particularly after planning a wedding in under 2 […]

momma loves the dude ranch

our friends Deanna and Rob got hitched.  she’s a cowgirl.  he’s an aspiring cowboy.  together, they make an awesome couple. while i’m no pioneer woman, this was my frontier for the weekend.  and boy did my husband and i love it! their wedding weekend was celebrated at the most magnificent Vista Verde Ranch, an all-inclusive, […]

does your 3 year old ski?

i love to ski.  my husband loves to snowboard. we’ve got two boys and i’ve been chompin’ at the bit to get them on the slopes. last year, when i was pregnant with Big A, it snowed 20′ in mammoth. you read that right. 20 FEET! unfortunately, my two swollen feet and I were laid […]

Mamma needs to luxuriate

how luxurious does this look? of course, the two seasons i was pregnant, there was EPIC snowfall.  now that i’m ready to hit the slopes again…not so much. But Vista Verde still looks INCREDIBLE!!!  An all-inclusive luxury dude ranch just north of Steamboat, Colorado. Delicious! And my buddy Deanna is getting married there in March. […]

taking a starbucks vacation

i don’t drink coffee.  but everyone around me does. i marvel when i hear people say “i’ve got no money.”  “my credit cards are maxed out.”  “what should i do?” interesting.  if you don’t have cash, why are you always drinking a starbucks? let’s do some simple math…and talk about a phenomenon called the latte […]

San Diego zoo with a two year old … while you’re 8 months preggers

Husband turned 40 this weekend and the 3.5 of us celebrated in San Diego.  It’s rare that we venture out just the three of us, so this get away was a welcome chance to relax, unplug and have fun.  lil G’s potty training took a huge turn.  He didn’t have any accidents all weekend and […]

> traveling with a 15 month old We traveled to Charleston for Thanksgiving and I’ve realized that I’ve become my Dad.  I worried over every detail and didn’t sleep well for the week leading up to our trip.  what to pack?  let’s talk through how we’ll get through the security line.  who’s carrying what?  WHAT?  […]

> what you’ll do for a few hundred bucks! two weeks ago, Graham and i went to utah to check out Sundance.  needless to say, Sundance is the best kept secret for those who love to ski.  the mountains are empty and the snow is generally excellent.  of course, this year, the ski season of […]