meesh pierce. photo: jimmy cheng photography

Meesh Pierce. photo: jimmy cheng photography

I’m a mom.  With an mba.  I love to travel, paint furniture, garden, cook, and take an occasional picture.  Oh who’m I kidding? I’m half Chinese…I rarely put my camera down!

I work with brands on strategy and product initiatives. My work includes the likes of Epson and Fandango, the uber-talented dermatologist Dr. Bita Bagheri, and the gorgeous and magical Amor Boutique Hotel in Sayulita Mexico. I also keep very busy serving on boards for Mariner’s Christian School, Trustees Council of Penn Women at the University of Pennsylvania, and Wharton So Cal.

My husband Graham and I live in So Cal.

While I’ll always struggle to get comfortable weaving between corporate world and home life, I’m dedicated to my family.

photo by: Jimmy Cheng Photography

This is 100 moons ago with my babe hubs when I was preggers with our first little dude.  photo by: Jimmy Cheng Photography

I’m a connector and enjoy putting great people and ideas together.

I’m doing my best to stay present & focused, be a good wife, Believer, and friend.

I love the Restoration Hardware drift wood finish and have mastered some painting techniques to achieve this look.  My blog is mostly dedicated to my painting techniques, my hydroponics gardening experiments, and some cool interviews with very interesting people.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile if you’re really interested in the left side of my brain.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!  imeeshublog {at} gmail {dot} com