Dr. Bita Bagheri – Orange County Dermatologist

There’s a funny thing in life called fate. I met Bita during our college days at Penn. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I lived in a house with 4 other women in West Philly, Bita being one of them. Bita is an enigma. Photographic memory. Terrible driver. Very much like […]

Katlyn Grasso, 23 year old Founder of GenHERation

You know those people who walk into a room and you just feel their energy? So that happened to me the other day in a doughnut shop while my kids had their faces happily pressed up against the glass eagerly spying their impending sugary, delightful breakfast. I felt a strong presence enter the tiny shop….and I turned […]

Using chalk paint to get a drift wood look

i’ve been using chalk paint for the better part of 6 years and am continually surprised by the various looks i can get. the giant frames below were made for a client. these measured 6′ x 8′ and eventually had beautiful sea scape canvases placed atop. i find painting to be so relaxing and meditative. […]

Rising Broadway Star :: Rodney Ingram

settle in friends. this is a long one… do you remember when Disney’s Aladdin hit theaters? i do. i was 12 and it was my junior year at Penn…yes, i was a prodigy… 🙂 (j/k) my Dad had a recording studio in the house. so i waited in earnest to buy the CD when it […]

a salute to the US Armed Forces

my husband and i had an experience of a lifetime over Mother’s Day weekend. it’s apropos that i post this on Veteran’s Day. we were invited as Distinguished Visitors for a weekend on the US Navy’s USS Vinson, one of 7 aircraft carriers that travel around the world to protect and provide assistance in times of need. i […]

beach house vintage windows + vinyl lettering

i’m surprised i haven’t seen more of these on the internets.  don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of old windows and vinyl lettering with cute quotes… but none that are inspired from the subway posters that pay tribute to a city or town’s points of interest. so i’ll claim this as an original as i […]

yummy summer garden party by Heidi Ristau

  my friend Heidi Ristau is a woman of many talents.  she’s a high-powered and hard-charging product manager during the day, and caters for high end events on the weekends. her food is an inspiration as i aspire to create such tasty and wonderful dishes for my get togethers! Heidi’s use of fresh, local and […]

boys and their surfboards

this happened yesterday and i started crying…. daddy had a new surfboard shaped by his good friend Cordell Miller….and it was time to put the new fins on… when i saw this on the couch, i just had a warm fuzzy feeling inside. this is what i’ve always dreamt of for my life…..boys growing up […]

a cold day on the slopes

li’l G hit ski school today. it was cold. this mommy felt guilty. but mommy was proud that he finally mastered ‘pizza’ and got to ride on the chairlift for the first time! with gusts up to 20 mph, i was shivering just watching! but he’s tough. and he earned his ice cream! here’s a […]

maple bacon doughnuts? yes, please.

our amazingly creative pal Sumter is opening the most incredible gourmet doughnut store ever. here’s a classic pic of sumter on one of our namotu surf trips.  classic. he’s got an amazing right brain.  he designs hip men’s clothing, remodels gorgeous homes, writes his own music, and has incredible passion for the arts. so it […]

Two story pirate fort

Have you ever wanted to build your kid a cool fort? Check this one out! Woah…. A two-story pirate fort overlooking the Pacific Ocean. My friend built this for his son…in his spare time. Incredible! Look at the detail in this fort! No detail was forgotten. This attention to detail is also what he does […]