joy riders


So we traded in a car recently.  It originally was a car that my parents drove….a convertible.  They bought it at a charity auction and got a great deal.  However, my parents are both terrified of the sun and never put the top down on the car. 
Somehow, we ended up with the car, which came with a meticulous folder that my Dad kept.  Inside were detailed notes of services, oil changes, new tires, etc.  One particular note caught my attention as I was reviewing the notes prior to trading the car in….
It read:  “Mileage when dropped off at dealership:  12,857.  Mileage when picked up from dealership:  12,897.  Joy rider?!?”
Only my Dad would take such meticulous notes and then actually consider that someone took his car for a joyride in the LA traffic.  Maybe the guy went to McDonald’s.
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