My husband as Mary Poppins

So Cal storm steals umbrella

I present to you exhibit A.  This is what’s left after gale force winds left just the handle of an umbrella in my husband’s hands.
He was leaving the office without his bag (aka. murse, aka man purse) because, well, why would anyone want to carry a murse?

Imagine a grown man in a suit talking on the phone while carrying documents, said umbrella and probably an iPad…it’s pouring rain…

Now imagine a HUGE gust of wind, taking the ENTIRE umbrella and shooting it 40 feet in the air and carrying it 150 yards onto a major road.

Poor husband…left standing there…all alone with exhibit A.

Husband returns home to show us what’s left of the umbrella.  

While many other questions ran through my mind….the main question was “Husband, of all the umbrellas we have, why in the world were you carrying lil G’s Thomas the Train umbrella!?” 

I brought the handle back to Nordstrom’s today to see if they could would do anything…unfortunately, this was the one time they wouldn’t uphold their return policy!  Go figure….

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