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educational iPad games for kiddos!
By popular demand, I’ll continue to share a list of lil G’s favorite educational iPad games.  Here we go:
  • Montessori Geography :: US Maps, shapes, map placement of each state
  • US States by EnsenaSoft :: US state shapes, no verbal call outs, matching game, capitols
  • 1 to 10 Montessori counting
  • Montessori geometry :: learn what a dexagon decagon is!
  • World Flags
  • 100 Board :: Montessori approach to counting to 100
  • Easy Chinese for Kids :: learn words, hear words, learn how to write words
  • Farm Flip :: memory game
  • Feed Me! :: Chinese counting, colors, shape concept game
  • FW Animals :: learn to spell with fun pictures and sounds of animals.  Place letters in the correct order to spell
  • LunchBox :: learn shapes, numbers, counting, puzzles with a fun monkey
  • Shape Buider Lite :: drag and drop shapes into puzzle to form pictures of everyday objects
  • TinyTrax :: build a train from individual train cars.  Choose your own track.
  • Color Pop :: learn your colors, but from a Chinese speaker.  Warning!  Some of the words aren’t pronounced accurately, but it’s still fun and funny!  Especially when you’re Chinese!  🙂
  • ABC Phonics
  • Bus game :: very well-done interactive game where you can record your own voice to the famous ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ song.  Several languages from which to choose the song as well.
  • Fish School :: by the same makers of Bus game.  Counting, alphabet, numbers all with fun swimming fish.  Wonderful graphics.
  • LetterTracer :: learn to write letters by tracing
  • BabyPhone :: fake phone where they can dial away with large numbers
  • FlipEggs :: memory matching game
  • Flashcards :: Chinese words, pictures and voice overs
  • Virtuoso :: piano keyboard
  • PeriodicTable :: a bit ahead of our times, but will probably be fun very soon!
  • Trucks! :: fun videos of different types of trucks
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