li’l G is here!

lil G’s arrival has been wonderful!  we’ve gotten little sleep, but are learning the ropes and have great help from ahma (taiwanese for grandma).  we’ve somehow managed to get through my hormonal meltdowns, hunger pains, and sleep deprivation. 
we are vigilant about the “chart” that i created in excel to document every feeding, diaper change, nap, and other daily activity notes.  everyone made fun of me for creating such a document, but it’s turning out to be very helpful with 3 people taking shifts to care for this little guy.
he’s wonderful and we watch him every minute.  he smiles a crooked little smile in his sleep, just like his daddy.  he looks like he’s going to have dimples…he just needs to build some meat on his bones so that we can see them.
and he’s off the bilirubin lights as his jaundice has passed.  that was tough, but lil G is such a trouper that he never fusses.  he only fusses when he needs a diaper change, is hungry, or needs to be burped.  he’s sooo good.
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