lil G discusses his first 3 months of life

this has been a monumental month for me.  i’ve learned a lot of things, including smiling, laughing, focusing intently on objects, successfully grabbing at toys with both left and right hands, and smiling at everyone who smiles at me.   just before Thanksgiving, i surprised mommy and daddy by sleeping 12-14 hours a night without waking up. 

we then traveled to Charleston to meet Mimi.  we had a wonderful time and she and Aunt Tib watched me for a night.  we laughed, took lots of pictures, and got to know one another.  i like planes and hope that this continues to be a trend as we travel more in the future.

my nap schedule is starting to regulate…can you believe that i still need to nap with all that sleep at night?!  my thumb usually finds its way into my mouth just before i wake up…and it soothes me.  i love to sit in my bed quietly until mommy and daddy come to get me.  i smile at them when they enter and then i start to dance vigorously.  🙂

i read everyday with mommy.  she reads me all types of stories, and i especially like the bible stories and book about trucks.  when people call on the phone, i first look at the phone when i hear the voice…i then start to speak at the phone.  i learned this from mommy.  it’s fun!

Christmas time is very special.  i helped to pick out our tree, put on ornaments, set up the train, and decorate the house.  there are large packages under the tree, but i’m not sure what they are.  mommy won’t tell me.

well, that’s my update for December.  i’ll be 4 months old in a few days!

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