know when to fold ’em…know when to run

as i’ve been bragging about…i ran in a 5 mile race a few weekends ago.  the nike run hit remix, to be exact.  let’s recap…the only reason zoomer was able to convince me to “run” in my first race ever is b/c mc hammer was playing.  i figured i’d wear hammer pants and tool around for a few miles. 
given that i’d never run more than a mile in my life, i figured this was a disaster in the making.  but that’s not the point of this entry…how in the world did they know that this was me when they took the picture?  and how did they email it to me? 

and even more remarkable than that, is that if you look closely, i have my lucky number #8899, which i didn’t request.  BUT i’m also passing a man who is walking.  yes, that is pathetic.  he almost beat me.  please note that i’m also giving the thumbs up…to whom, i’m not sure.  maybe the guy i’m passing?  maybe the photographer?  maybe to God for letting me complete this race.  🙂
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