organizing legos


this is a terrible picture of our living room fireplace.

it’s a terrible b/c my lens is terrible.

and my eyes are getting worse by the day.

and i can’t seem to tell when things are in or out of focus.

and i’ve lost my glasses.



….and those are all of my excuses. 🙂brick-fireplace

🙂 we lovingly call this our Lego room. Legos permeate every bit of this home, our cars, and under my toes.

so when i found this at an antique mart in Orange, i just knew i had to have it.



yes, my doctor roommate from college hates it b/c she thinks the kids will get lock jaw from all that rust.

isn’t that why we get tetanus shots? 🙂industrial-vintage-tool-chest-lego-storage

hello mr. storm trooper. thank you for guarding the Legos so carefully.industrial-drawer-stormtrooper-legos


i’ll be painting the white wood above the fireplace soon. gray wash to give it a bit more definition. i really want to rent one of these for the project. i know…who thinks of these things?!

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