family portrait Christmas cards

I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon now that we’re a bit older and everyone has kids.  The Christmas card has turned into a family photo op.  Most are simple, very sweet, accompanied by a hand-written message.  But holy OC!  Some of these cards are getting out of hand!  Hand-made, bows tied, fold-out books!  The economy is single-handedly propped up by the amount of custom holiday printing that’s happening these days!

Being the young family without kids (yet!), Graham and I wondered what the heck we’d send out.  A typical Christmas card is boring and would quickly get tossed.  But we certainly wouldn’t send pictures of ourselves.  Those vain days are long gone (or are they?).
So what do we send?  An ultrasound printout of our 5 eggs?  We seriously considered trying to make a religious analogy with 3 swimmers heading toward the “north star” then figured someone would surely be offended.
So if you’re seeing this blog entry, you’ve stumbled upon it yourself and you can click away.  Please continue praying for us, because obviously we’ve got sick and twisted senses of humor and are desperate to send a family photo next year!
Merry Christmas!  🙂
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