li’l G’s first year


Where has the year gone!?!?  Grayson will be a year old in just a month.  It’s been an incredible year and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being parents.  We’ve learned so much and are humbled each day with this little nugget of ours. 
My favorite part of the day is going in to get Grayson in the morning or after a nap.  He’s so stoked to see whomever is getting him out of bed.  He kicks his little legs so hard, he points at the ceiling fan, and he talks a lot. 
Some highlights from the year:
  1. *G’s mohawk.  Though his hair is about 4 inches long on top, it still stands in a mohawk.  So cute
  2. *G’s two little bottom teeth…which are now like bunny rabbit teeth
  3. *G’s gas.  If we could only bottle it….we wouldn’t be at war in the middle east
  4. *His curiosity
  5. *How we’ve all grown as a family
  6. *My mom’s dedication to teaching Grayson Chinese.  He understands so much and it’s all due to her!  Graham’s Chinese is getting quite good, too!
  7. *How I’ve already filled a terabyte external hard drive with all my video footage…
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