a note from lil G



i’m a big boy!

it’s been a big month.  i’m in a big boy car seat now and love it.  i can see out the window and when it’s open, i love the wind blowing through my mohawk.

my first word was ball.  i love the word.  everything that is round is a ball as far as i’m concerned.  oranges, light fixtures, apples, tires, plates, circles, polka dots….baaaaaallllll…..even the shiny silver piggy bank that uncle justin and aunt kristen sent me….baaaaalllll.

mommy, daddy and i have so much fun.  they feed me and i never want to stop.  i make them laugh a lot, and then i laugh, then we all laugh.

i’m always on the go now.  i stand up by pulling up on everything, crouch my legs and let go to sit down, and crawl on my hands and knees now.  no more army crawling for me!

i push my tonka truck around and feel a whole new independence i never existed….except when i hit a wall and don’t know how to maneuver out of the way.  then i just shout ‘aaahhh!’ then someone generally rescues me.

my ahma has been gone for 3 weeks now.  she’ll be shocked when she gets back….i’m going to make her very tired.  🙂

nanny gran and aunt lorrie have been watching me while ahma has been on vacation.  we’ve had a great time.

i still love to swim and will be back in lessons starting next week.  it’s been fun swimming with mommy and daddy and all the neighbor kids.  we have a lot of fun and i’m really good at going under water and floating on my back.

mommy thinks that i’ll be walking in a few weeks….but she’s thought that for a few months now.

she did just get a 2 tb hard drive to store all the videos she’s taken of me…yes, that’s 2000 gigabites.  aiya!


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