traveling with a 15 month old

We traveled to Charleston for Thanksgiving and I’ve realized that I’ve become my Dad.  I worried over every detail and didn’t sleep well for the week leading up to our trip. 

what to pack?  let’s talk through how we’ll get through the security line.  who’s carrying what?  WHAT?  we have 8 pieces of luggage?  5 of which are grayson’s?!!!!  i even bought 50 pair of ear plugs for our fellow plane travelers in case grayson started screaching for some reason.

luckily, grayson was an angel and we didn’t need the earplugs.  when we got there, graham proclaimed ‘that was smooth!’  then i looked in the mirror and realized i hadn’t slept in a week. 

when we finally got home, i literally collapsed in bed and slept for 13 hours.  graham said i snored very loudly that night.  finally, i got some rest. 

now i know that we can travel with a toddler, his car seat, the dolly for the car seat, a stroller, and 3 pieces of carry-on luggage.  all without a glitch.  graham just needs to remember that he can’t try to carry an iced mocha while carrying all of that luggage….he was unsuccessful not once, but twice attempting that trick. 

btw…for anyone traveling with a car seat through the airport…here’s our method.  buy a magna cart (costco and sears carry them $15-$30).  it’s a collapsible dolly.  buy a bungie cord.  strap the car seat on, pile your carry-on luggage in, and roll through the airport.  put kid in stroller.  for security line, take kid out of stroller, unstrap car seat from dolly, take off all shoes (including kid’s), declare that you have liquids for the kid, go through line.  put kid back in stroller.  reassemble car seat rig.  get to gate.  look at planes and run around to expend as much of kid’s energy as possible.  collapse stroller at end of gangway and leave for them to check.  car seat on dolly won’t fit through most first class cabins…too narrow of an aisle.  so have travel companion carry it while you take baby to seat.  Delta is great for kid travel….a TV is on every seat.  nickelodeon!  iPhone apps are a MUST.  lots of water for take-off and landing to help with ears.

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