where does the time go?

time flies!  it’s certainly cliche, but you never truly appreciate when friends tell you to cherish every minute with your child.  before you know it, you’re waving goodbye as your child is leaving for college.

the past two months have been incredible.  lil g’s vocab grows by about 3-5 words each day.  random words like ‘coupon,’ or ‘wheelbarrow,’ or ‘shi sho’ (wash hands in Chinese) stream out of his little mouth.

he’s so well-mannered, except for when another kid gets too close to him.  he generally turns to the kid, tightens his fists, and screams.  then looks at me like ‘please give me some space!’

we’ve been enjoying swim lessons…he’s on his own now with the instructor.  and he really enjoys running in circles at the tumbling class.  what i’ve noticed is that it allows him to watch other kids and learn from them.  he’s an observer.  he loves to share.

ever since i bought a waffle maker at target, that’s pretty much all we’ve been eating.  i’ve gotten very good at ‘hiding’ things in the waffles…eggs, cheese, chicken nuggets, carrots.  graham doesn’t even know!  whatever works.  and it seems to be working.  grayson is now taller than the safety gate and most of his pants are floods…but they still are too big in the waist…i guess better dilemma than the other way…waist too tight and legs too long!

i do my best to hold it together.  i find myself crying often when he says something so sweet.  the other day, we were reading the kissing hand.  while sitting in my lap, he kept reaching his hand up to my mouth so that i would kiss it.  how do you hold it together when stuff like that happens!!?


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