San Diego zoo with a two year old … while you’re 8 months preggers

Husband turned 40 this weekend and the 3.5 of us celebrated in San Diego.  It’s rare that we venture out just the three of us, so this get away was a welcome chance to relax, unplug and have fun. 

lil G’s potty training took a huge turn.  He didn’t have any accidents all weekend and actually sat on the big potty!!  Hope he doesn’t regress when baby arrives.  

My belly is huge, uncomfortable, and just generally in the way.  🙂  The good news is that this will just be a few more weeks and we’ll be blessed with a little sheep for lil G.  🙂

 Best part of San Diego Safari Park was the playground.  Glad we drove all that way!  🙂

  Just another lazy day for the lions

 Baby rhino with mommy.  Born weighing in at a whopping 70 lbs.

 You really appreciate how large vultures when they spread their wings!

 This water buffalo is just relaxing.  

 Gorgeous view.

 Lickin’ her chops


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