attack of the bunnies!

When we landscaped our yard, I specifically researched how to keep the rabbits out.  We specifically built raised veggie beds so that the bunnies couldn’t enjoy the veggies more than we did.

So the guys dug a foot deep and secured the wire fencing along the 75 feet across our back yard.  I looked at it and thought…”Hmmm…seems like the holes in that fence are still too big.”

But what did I know?  I asked our landscaper and he assured me it was fine.

I thought I had it all figured out…

Rabbit-proof fence, raised beds.  You can’t trick me!

Then, I started noticing this…

Not enough water?  Too much water?  Fertilizer burns?

exhibit #1

Nope.  Those sneaky baby rabbits were still getting through!  My instinct was right!  The fence wasn’t small enough to keep the rabbits out!

So, we added plastic fencing with 1″ hole.  Surely the rabbits couldn’t get through that!

But somehow, our furry friends would hop on by every afternoon…flashing their furry middle fingers each time they passed the window.

So I called in back-up.  I had my friend Kat bring her husky over.  She sniffed all over…behind the firepit, behing the BBQ, behind the raised beds.  Nothing.  She sniffed and sniffed.  Well, actually, that’s not true.  She did find an amazing mushroom patch behind the BBQ.  Probably some sort of truffle!

A few days later, I had my chance.  A little bunny frou frou was nibbling so innocently…so I chased it off the grass and quietly followed it behind the firepit….there it was….resting and thinking it had escaped my chase.  So I clapped loudly to scare it.  My worst nightmare… “Good grief, these rabbits are living and breeding in my yard!!!!”

exhibit #2


Look closely….that’s right.  Two fences.  A metal fence and a plastic fence.

My clapping startled it to quickly and effortlessly clear the metal fence….and out through the plastic mesh fence….through a HUGE hole bitten through it.

exhibit #3

Off to Lowe’s!  Got a metal fence, wire cutters, put on the work gloves, hopped back and forth over the fence a bunch of times…removed the plastic fencing…attached the new chicken wire.  1″ holes.  Take that suckers!

If the bunnies eat through this, we’re moving.

After all this blood, sweat and tears, I’ve got the most expensive produce in town…especially if those are truffles.  That’s right.  $4k strawberries….each.

rabbits can't stop us from having fun!

But all wasn’t lost.  We just kept laughing over some of these….yum!

more please!

i'm still not so sure about those rabbits...they're eating my flowers!




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