beach house vintage windows

i’ve got a little project up my sleeve.

it involves a few old windows that i picked up at a friend’s house…

old windows in back of a truck

and some vinyl lettering from Do It Yourself Lettering

vinyl lettering

i call this, beach house nostalgia. i’m helping some friends decorate their new beach pad and am so excited! here are my inspiration pins.  our garage is in full workshop mode and i’ve got paint in my hair to prove it!  my hubby is so nice and hasn’t yet complained about losing his garage parking to my myriad projects!

i made a set of these subway art windows with my hubby’s favorite surf spots around the world. i had no idea this would be such a big hit!

vinyl lettering on vintage windows :: surfing subway art

and they’re so easy to make

vinyl lettering subway art vintage windows

this new set gives an insider’s peek into Coronado Island, a gorgeous little beach town in San Diego.

you’ve seen this, right?  the hotel del.  what a quaint little town.  quintessential USA.

Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado via Pinterest

where everyday is the 4th of July!

stay tuned for the final product!

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