Big A loves fruit…well actually, he loves to eat everything…

i tried making my own baby food once.


what a hassle.  and i’m not knocking anyone who makes their own…but i just don’t have the patience or time!  i’d rather be snuggling my babies.

BUT, i do buy organic.  and if something has extra DHA, i buy that, too….who knows if it really matters…but something about being good for the brain tugs at my heart strings a bit…

Big A started eating solids about 2 months ago.  we tried Ella’s Kitchen and he’s loved it.  Here he is today trying a new flavor called Mangoes Mangoes Mangoes.

I’m not sure he likes it….

except for the fact that he chowed the ENTIRE thing in one sitting and…

began to demand more!

the kid knows what he wants.  LOL!

as a busy mom, i try to give my kids nutritious stuff to eat.  of course, we have our mac n cheese days, but i try not to let the guilt set in too much.  sometimes you’ve just got to do it!  hey, i ate plenty of it growing up and besides my twitch, i’m ok.

when i stumble on something my kids like, i’m thrilled when it’s actually healthy!  Ella’s is all organic, nothing added, no sugar, no water, no preservatives.

time to run to Target and get more….although i’ve been a huge fan of lately.  FREE shipping?  WHAT?!

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