BlissDom ’12 day one :: staying focused

Today was great.  We’re exhausted.  Our dogs are barkin’!

I was particularly inspired by Jon Acuff’s keynote this morning.  His funny, yet poignant message, reminded me to stay focused in the present with what’s truly important.  You can’t buy time back.

Put down the phone.  Stop texting.  Stop tweeting.

Your kids will thank you.

Nothing crushes little spirits more than walking in the door after work while your kids are running to greet you, than holding your finger and saying “Give me a minute….I’m on a call!”

I’ve done it.  It’s lame.

Me Ra Koh had a similar message.  If you’re snapping pics of the kids, remember to put the camera down and enjoy the moments.  You don’t need to take 1 million pix…get your shot and then have fun with your kiddos.

This was an important message for me.  It’s not the first time I’ve heard it…but my pea brain needs reminding…a lot.

Note to self:  Don’t miss your moments by getting caught up in ‘Oh, that would be funny to tweet!’

Here are your moments…

…enjoy them!

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