boys and their surfboards

this happened yesterday and i started crying….

boys putting fins on a new surfboard

daddy had a new surfboard shaped by his good friend Cordell Miller….and it was time to put the new fins on…boys putting fins on a new surfboard

when i saw this on the couch, i just had a warm fuzzy feeling inside. boys and their surfboard

this is what i’ve always dreamt of for my life…..boys growing up to love the ocean…boy's hand turning fin key on surfboard

and learning how to surf with their daddy.boys putting fins on a new surfboard

absolutely precious.toddler turning fin key on surfboard

on this Memorial Day weekend, i’m fondly remembering my late father-in-law who would wake up at the crack of dawn to bring his 3 sons to the beach to surf.

this post goes to him and his brother, who both served this country and both lost their battles with cancer within the last two years.

God bless the men and women who fight for our freedoms and God bless America!

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