bright colored front doors :: my new obsession

i’ve always had a fascination with paint and color.


when people ask for my opinion on colors, my instinct isn’t to be too matchy matchy. but i know that people don’t typically like this answer.


so be forewarned…if you ask, i’m going to say “throw in some color!”

life’s too short to have everything match perfectly.


and life’s definitely too short to be monochromatic. right?!


so, as we set out to paint our house…and when i say we, i mean my husband will come home (surprise!) to a freshly-painted house after work one day…i was searching for just the right color for our front door. it’s currently a muted red, which blends in with the bricks. and while red is great for feng-shui, momma needs a change!


the conversation with our uber-talented designer, Erica Bryen, went a bit like this…

“i want to paint our front door.”

“drive down my street. tons to see.”

“perfect. thanks.”


Erica blazed the trail with the first brightly colored door on her block. and now, as you drive her ‘hood, you can’t help but notice all the other brightly colored front doors she’s inspired.



baby-blue-front-door cobalt-blue-front-door





and of course, the classic red. how cute. and great feng-shui!red-front-door

so what have “we” decided, you ask?

Benjamin Moore super white (pic below looks green, but i assure you, it isn’t!), charcoal gray window trim and garage door (though i may try to make it look like weathered wood), and this awesome, beachy, bright blue for the front door. i’m still deliberating if i’ll glaze the front door to make it look a bit more rustic, but the votes from my IG friends are to keep is “shiny and new” as Madonna says. 🙂


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