chalk paint French side table

here’s another cool little project for our new master bathroom.  i picked up this piece on craigslist….i sometimes have a hard time saying no.  i figured there was something that could be done with this.  it was solid and sturdy.  and it had a decent greenish-blue that would work in our new bathroom… let’s give it a try…

before...a strange take on shabby chic, i thought. the top was a bit too just didn't feel right to me

first coat of Annie Sloan's Louis Blue

I used a Purdee brush and went with the grain with smooth strokes.

Clear wax applied with a brush....then rubbed in with a rag. Then sanded with a 120 grit.

You can see the greenish-blue paint peeking through.  Will this work?

Applied dark wax in tiny sections, immediately wiping off with a rag so that the color wouldn’t be too dark.  The wax dries very quickly so you can’t dilly dally.  The lighting in this shot isn’t great…the piece isn’t quite this blue as it has greener hues to it.


This shot is more representative of the final color.  Turned out pretty well and I was able to complete the whole thing in about 30 minutes!


What do you think?

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