Chalk paint on a wine barrel book shelf

i’ve been stalking all you annie sloan chalk paint lovers….for a few months now…

is it ok to love a paint ... and i mean LOVE (image from

i’ve even had several quarts in my shopping basket … about to check out … but then something would distract me…

how can anyone get any work done with these two nuggets to love!?

until i found a store within minutes of my house that stocks the paint!!!  Truly Tattered in old town Tustin (the OC…yes, the OC)…


so i picked up this piece on Craigslist…i figured it was interesting and unique…and surely there was something that could be done.

dusty, sad, but interesting

what to do, what to do?

i slapped on some paris grey.  when i say slapped on…i mean, i didn’t fill in all the wood grain.  i wanted some of the dark wood to show through after the wax.

warm, rich hues....LOVE

then a coat of Annie’s clear wax.  waited 5 minutes.  rubbed into wood with rag.

natural wood grain showing through...

then a layer of Annie’s dark wax, immediately wiping down with a rag as i went…was curious to see how dark it would be b/c the first application seemed really dark from the brush.  i brushed lightly … first horizontally with the grain …. then vertically against the grain …to give a layered effect.  the immediate wiping method helped to create nice layers and no visible brush strokes.

top of the book shelf...has decent layering effect with just a single coat of clear and dark

husband LOVES his new book shelf...and i love chalk paint!

i’m very impressed with this paint.  i was able to complete this project in 30 minutes.  yes, people…30 minutes.  the paint dries quickly, the wax is soft and easy to use.  the best part is no fumes…and i washed all the brushes with soap and water…wow!!!

the spendy chalk paint is worth it…saves time and elbow grease which has to be worth something…

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