DIY hanging bromeliad

I saw this at a very fancy nursery about 6 months ago.

Instead of plunking down $60 for it, I took a bromeliad I already had and used some decorative moss and twine to replicate the hanging beauty.

This was an inexpensive experiment that has survived the past 6 months and continues to look pretty in our front entry. I soak it in water every 3-4 weeks (yes, I neglect it and it still survives!) for about 10 minutes and let it drip dry before hanging it back in place. I haven’t yet seen any pups sprout, but when I do, will try the “apple in a bag” method to get this plant to bloom again. The moss has held up and while some of the leaves are browning, overall, the plant seems to be pretty happy.

Have you ever tried a DIY project like this to save some $…or am I the only weirdo out there? 🙂

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