ella’s kitchen :: big A starts on ‘solids’

big A is ~5 months old.

i want me some bacon!

he’s starting to eye big people food.

he watches intently as we chow.  he reaches.

the kid certainly shouldn’t be hungry, but he definitely looks interested.

in the short time since my first born was trying pureed foods, a whole new slew of cool foods has emerged.

it’s sort of like technology.  tomorrow’s iPhone is twice as powerful as today’s.  moore’s law.  ok, moving on from my tech nerd out…

i’ve noticed several friends feeding their babies this nifty food that comes in a nasa-like package.  ella’s kitchen.

the package is cool.  has a screw top lid.  doesn’t seem to get messy.  and the kids slurp it down without a spoon.

if they don’t finish, the package goes into the fridge for later.

if you’re traveling, you don’t need to carry around a bunch of stuff that will get squished and mashed into your carry-on or purse.

so…i picked up a few and will try it.

maybe they make meat flavors…i’m certain big A wants to try bacon.

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