fall bbq Palm Springs style

let me begin this post by apologizing for my crappy lens.  asparagus-purple-carrots

maybe it has something to do with the time i dropped my camera while catching a woman and her infant as they were stumbling down some stairs at a pee wee baseball game.


maybe not.


maybe this stock lens is just lame and i now have justification to buy the macro lens i’ve been spying for over a year.cous-cous-salad-cu

i know, i know.  1st world problems. but it is frustrating when your lens only sporadically focuses on the right spot.

anyway, we and some friends went to Palm Springs for a quick trip. here is so cal, we call this “going to the dez.”

Equity Residences' Palm Springs Villa

Equity Residences’ Palm Springs Villa

we love staying at this mid-century modern home.  what’s not to love?cous-cous-salad-super-cu

people, you’ve gotta be strategic about whom you bring on a vacation.


of course you’ve gotta choose folks who doesn’t grate on your nerves.


but then there’s the reality that someone’s gotta cook.  and i mean, look at how my friend Peilin cooks!!!  she a food stylist by trade. and PTA and Girl Scout Troop Leader in the wee hours of the night.

parsley chopped

people often ask what a food stylist does.  lemme tell ya.  she’s a CSI expert in the kitchen. a ninja with the knife. a surgeon with her tweezers to get the parsley to look just right for a cookbook or TV show.

no bbq sauce? no problem.  mix a little molasses and coca-cola. BAM. kids are none the wiser.


and why stop there when you’ve got your own fresh persimmons in your garden?


i love this action shot.  imagine my really bad voice over of ninja and chopping sounds in the background. yes, i go there.


and if you’ve ever given any thought to food photography, which you probably haven’t, you’ll quickly realize how important a food stylist is. i mean, let’s take the next two photos. horrible, boring, blurry.


and now feast your eyes on this shot, which Peilin shot on her iPhone.  same food, 1 minute after i took my shots above, but much more appealing and scrumptious. so don’t be like me…skimping on bad lenses and trying to style my own shots.


although i did style this shot and all the fun we had.  #justaddwater


ok, now for the whole wheat cous cous salad recipe:

    • arugula
    • whole wheat israeli cous cous cooked with stock (not vegan, but better taste)
    • marinated artichokes
    • bell peppers
    • red onion
    • mint
    • parsley

mix all ingredients together, toss with your favorite vinaigrette dressing. you can keep this undressed in the fridge for a few hours if needed.

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