fall is HERE! i found a pumpkin in my garden.

that’s right folks….i didn’t think it would happen.

i planted pumpkin seeds in june….and we had amazingly gorgeous huge leaves.  they grew all through the yard.  then they started to get the white powdery fungus.

so i ignored it figuring nothing would come of it.  it was 100 degrees+ in our area for weeks….i certainly didn’t think we’d ever get any crops.

then, a few nights ago, while playing baseball with the boys…i crawled behind the firepit to get a ball….

HEY!  we’ve got a pumpkin.

here’s Big A making sure it’s real.

look at the great crop!  the tomatoes are finally escaping the hungry caterpillars.

these mums are so pretty.  i love the whiskey barrel.

nasty buggers were eating our tomatoes!  not anymore.  buh bye!

hello!  so cool!

finally, my archway is filling in


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