family style spaghetti dinner

my sisters from another mister are so good for my soul.  they know how to lift me up.

on this particular day, they watched my kids so that i could run errands.  my post-errands plan was to quickly stop in, grab the kids, and get home!

spaghetti topped with parmesan

but life doesn’t work like that, does it?

one of my “sisters” and her family got the keys to their new place…and had started to move the moment i walked in the door.

my instinct was to get out of the way, but something told me they needed an extra hand…or two.  garlic, basil on cutting board

so we started cooking a casual dinner for 15 people!  3 generations under one roof – and they’re not even Asian!  

as an only child, the constant ebb and flow of people in this home with wetsuits, surfboards, and beach cruisers energizes me….it just feels right.

olive oil poured into a pot

if you know me and my sisters, you know we’ve always got the camera on hand…oh, you mean you don’t document your unplanned spaghetti dinners?  we’ll invite you next time!tomato sauce cans

so we start on the sauce….browning some Trader Joe’s spicy and sweet sausages…cooking sausage

pour off the grease…add it to the sauce with some browned garlic, basil, salt and pepper…oooh, and a few secret ingredients…brown sugar and balsamic vinegar.

sausage in marinara sauce

add some parmesan…

parmesan cheese in marinara sauce

then i realized i’m the only person left in the house.  where’s my photographer?

i can’t cook and snap at the same time!  so forgive me if the rest of the photos are horrid.

garden salad in a bowl

the good news is that the dinner was great…i only burned the garlic bread a little….so i didn’t take any pics of that. spaghetti topped with parmesan

it didn’t quite look like this burnt bagel fiasco, but it was a close call! 🙂

have a nice day!



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