growing potatoes and yams in coffee sacks

i met a wonderfully delightful woman a few months ago at a baby shower.  i started telling Cheri how i was obsessed with watching YouTube videos on growing potatoes.  sprouted yams

wouldn’t you know it, but Cheri’s sister is a big potato farmer in Idaho.  of course…because that’s how God works.  he puts people in your life just like that!  BAM!

sprouted yam

she gave me some of her stock and i put them in a brown paper bag in our pantry.  Cheri explained that it’s so hard to find truly organic non-GMO foods anymore.  most likely a reason why the sudden spike in food and gluten allergies.  makes sense to me.Guatemala coffee sack

i had these old coffee bags from the ever-cool Kéan Coffee, founded by Martin Diedrich (yes, of Diedrich Coffee) in Newport Beach.  he so graciously gave me a few coffee sacks when i was reupholstering my antique chair with a burlap seat.  coffee sack

if you haven’t been to Kean, get yourself over there….not only is the coffee scrum-dilly-delicious…they now serve Sidecar Doughnuts.  GO!toddler walking on coffee sacks

Big A loves to run into my shots.  🙂 sprouted potatoes

so i pulled the taters out of the bag…and to my surprise, they looked like reindeer.  i mean, i’ve seen the occasional sprout from the grocery store variety, but these…these want to lead Santa’s sled!sprouted potatoes

how cool!sprouted potato close up

this guy looks like it needs some Obagi or IPL or something.  i mean…if it went to the nail salon, it would definitely be upsold on the ‘callous removal!’

yup, i went there.  sorry.planting yams in coffee sacksso, i’m going to try this in the raised beds.  i’ve had a cover crop in this bed for a few months.  hairy vetch, clovers and sweet peas.  should be plenty of good nutrients back in the soil after last year’s amazing tomatoes.  sprouted yams in dirt

given that it gets HOT where we live, i’ll dig these bags into the dirt in the planter so that they stay nice and cool.  potatoes in coffee sacks

why didn’t i do it yesterday?  well…i started digging, then dug up a HUGE ant nest…they were everywhere.  all over my legs, arms, and before i realized it, i started hopping around like a fool in the garden slapping myself silly trying to eradicate these guys off my body.  according to our precious 5 year old neighbor, “Miss Meesh, there are at least 105 ants here!  So many!”potatoes in coffee sacks

yes, at least 105.  maybe 106!

but you know the dance. you’ve done it.  in fact, you’re doing it now.  so’m i.  just thinking about ants makes you itch and slap.  hot wheel in the garden bedso for now, this hot wheel with the busted back tire will watch over the potatoes….and i’ll report back once i see some progress.

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