hanging on to summer

it’s really hard to get into the fall spirit when it’s 90 degrees outside!   the wedge in newport beach

so i’m just going to sit and appreciate the fun times we had this summer!

this was one of my favorite garden surprises.  an artichoke flower!  it sort of looks scary like it could bite you, but then it’s also so gorgeous.  wow!  the plant has already died off and new sprouts are already up and read to build up their energy for the fall crop!

artichoke flower

look at this yummy board with bread, cashews, honey, peaches and havarti cheese.  yum.  it’s a simple way to entertain and makes your guests feel like they’re getting involved with the food prep.

cheese, honey, bread and peach board

the garden was delicious and is still producing.  i loved being able to serve fresh, organic foods to  family and friends. i haven’t quite figured out the broccoli..it gets stringy, but is still spicy and tastes good!  all the veggies and fruit are much more flavorful than store-bought, or even farmer’s market-bought.

fresh veggies

and summer wouldn’t have been summer without regular visits to Sidecar Doughnuts.  i mean, gourmet, preservative-free doughnuts?    chocolate donut topped with walnuts from Sidecar Doughnut

while i try many varieties, my favorite is still the maple glazed with bacon.  yes, puh-leez.maple bacon donut from Sidecar Doughnut

here’s a rare shot of me in the kitchen.  not b/c i’m never in the kitchen, but b/c i’m always behind the camera.  🙂  i’m pretty sure this was in the midst of prepping for a tea party when my 2 year old asked for curly noodles.  hold the presses.  do not pass go.  drop everything and make curly noodles!

meesh in the kitchen

this sunflower and several of its friends greeted us each day as we entered the pool.  this one alone was bigger than my entire head and probably 8′ tall!  amazing!

gigantic sunflower

of course, i had to take a pic with the Boss at one of the OC Fair pizza stands.  he sits there all day with stogie in hand, chatting people up.  meesh and the big boss at the OC Fair

what many folks don’t know about southern california is that september through november are the best beach months.  so, as we head into fall, we bid a fond farewell to the tourists and happily get our uncrowded beaches and empty parking spots back.

this is our beach tunnel, where many attempts to make the funniest echos are made.

toddler in tunnel at beach

have a GREAT Sunday!

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