hi hunny, i’m at the toyota dealer and i’m about to buy a truck….

there are times when one should know when to walk away….

i should know when to run.

thankfully my husband and i have secret code words we use with one another.  our own secret language.

so when he screamed ‘ripcord, ripcord, ripcord’ into the phone, i didn’t have to look it up in my secret code dictionary to know that i needed to escape impending doom as quickly as humanly possible.

yes, this happened to me yesterday.

i casually walked into the toyota dealership to see if the tundra comes with leather interiors.

2013 toyota tundra crew cab platinum

are you kidding me? i could fit both car seats and 4 small adults back here.


oh, it just so happens that they had one with leather interiors….and a moon roof, and power seats, and a souped up sound system, and navigation.

2013 toyota tundra crew cab platinum back seat

mommy likes

when the lady asked why i wanted leather interiors, i explained that the fine orangey-yellow powder we moms call goldfish is much easier to clean when one has leather.  clearly she’s beyond toddler-hood in her family.

and one may ask why i want to drive a pick-up truck.  after all, i live in orange county…shouldn’t i want a tesla?

yes, i want a tesla model X.  but i’ve got boys…who will have surfboards and bikes and SUP boards and golf bags and…..

oh, and i like to pick up the occasional curb alert for my furniture addiction habit.

rule #1:  don’t walk into a dealership solo if you have no will power

rule #2:  don’t let them sucker you into appraising your car

rule #3: when the lady tells you that a truck was turned in early with only 10k miles on it and that it’s $15k less than a brand new model, make sure you have your husband on speed dial

rule #4:  after you call Costco’s Auto Program to verify the price of the car, and you’re still standing staring at the vehicle, don’t let the lady convince you to drive the car to your husband’s office to see it

rule #5:  when your husband says ‘Call USAA to see what auto loan rates they have’ don’t be shocked when USAA tells you they can fund within 10 minutes due to your outstanding credit and loyalty to the company

yes, this happened to me yesterday.

yes, i ran away….ok, so maybe i sulked outta there slowly as i walked past the car one last time…

yes, i’ll be getting this car someday.



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