store hot wheels in antiques

no one warned me that having boys would lead to this…

zillions and zillions of cars.


i do my best with the kids to keep them picked up…the last thing we need is a broken hip from a middle of the night jaunt to the kitchen for some ice cream water.

funny thing is that lil G knows every one by name, has a back story for each one.

some are good guys.

even Tow Mater is getting in on the action in his candle holder garage

some are bad guys.

the lotus is a bad guy as evidenced by his scratches from so many crashes

And he knows when one is missing.

“Mommy, Crazy 8s is missing.  Did you see him?  Did we leave him in Lake Arrowhead?”

The good news is that all of our antique decorations are being put to good use.

The candle holder from Mexico.

The antique mini suitcase.

The Pepsi bottle crate from the Rose Bowl swap meet.

 Each car has a name.  A story.  And now, a garage.

here’s lil G filling me in on the latest with each car


Why am I standing next to a hammerhead shark?

why am i swimming next to a cowboy?

time for a nap, Woody.  time for a nap.


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