How to grow hydrangeas from cuttings

It was a gorgeous day today.

The sun was flooding into our kitchen nook.

Don’t you just love days with no schedules?

It seems like they’re trickier to find as the kids get older. garden-flowers-rustic-table

But I’ve been more intentional about trying to find that quiet space….


….more time to enjoy life’s treasures and simple beauties.

So I went into the garden to appreciate the hydrangeas I planted from cuttings I planted last fall.

Yes. It works!

I took cuttings left over from arrangements I made for a party. I cut the stems at an angle, put a bit of rooting powder on, and simply stuck them into the ground. Of the 6 stems I planted, 4 took.

And this season, they’re the heartiest of plants in our garden. Amazing!


But not as amazing as finding this nugget snuggled into the nook reading his bible stories. ♥️


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