i’m a lululemon rookie

my hubby got me my first lululemon outfit for Christmas.

it included fluorescent purple pants.


i’ve walked past this store a thousand times…each time walking briskly past as i suspected i might actually like it.  i did this for 6 months when Hobby Lobby opened in our hood, too.  call it a 6th sense…

and somehow since i haven’t practiced yoga in 5 years, i felt that i didn’t deserve yoga pants…or pilates pants…or any other type of workout pants.

so when i went to exchange the bright grape-colored pants for something that would draw less attention to my back side, i felt intimidated, nervous, poser-ish, and insecure.

lululemon as a modern day corset

unlike Banana Republic, where sizes are cleverly marketed as two sizes smaller than your actual size (really?  a 00?  flattering, and i’ll take 3 in each color!), i tried to squeeze into my normal size and felt like….well, i felt like i was wearing a corset…made for a 00.

and the grannies that i’ve come to love made me have a 4 butt.  you know it.  don’t deny.  the super astronaut-grade lululemon lycra pulls in so tightly around your drawers that…well, you get the picture.

when the woman asked for what purpose i was using the pants, i answered as follows:

“For yoga?”


“For pilates?”


“For running?”

“No, for lounging on my couch and chasing my kids at the park.”

so i walked out with some black corset-like leggings and now fit in as an OC wife.

see you at the park!


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