industrial tae kwon do belt rack :: galvanized steel pipes to the rescue

galvanized piping martial arts belt rack
  this is lil G’s room.


notice it’s a bit disheveled.


big boy room with maps and lightning mcqueen duvet

but it’s real.

he loves maps….and lightning mcqueen….and books….and tae kwon do.

galvanized piping martial arts belt rack

for a four year old, he’s quite accomplished, having earned his 4th belt already.

i’m pretty sure little kids don’t fail their tae kwon do exams….

maybe they learn a hard lesson when they’re 7 or 8.

who knows…we just keep stroking the checks.  but it’s worth it!

galvanized piping martial arts belt rack

came up with this concept to hold his belts.

it works with the industrial feel of his room, but more importantly, lets him take pride in his accomplishments each time he walks into his room.

affordable, too.

will probably weather the wood to make it look more restoration hardware.  a little ecowood never hurt anyone!

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