kids’ loft/play area/preschool storage solutions

have i mentioned how much i hate clutter? perhaps it’s time to fess up to a bit of OCD?

perhaps more than disliking messes is my extreme need to be organized.

i want to know where everything is at any given time.  having a system allows me to find a specific Hot Wheel without much effort.  the problem is that we now have about 100 Hot Wheels (none of which we’ve purchased ourselves!)  staying organized is getting tricky!

so i’ve specifically chosen furniture to stash, organize, and hide junk stuff.  note that i’m using terms like “i’ve” and “me” and “i.”  i love husband, and he’s a hard-charging, go-getter in the business world.  but let’s just say that once stepping foot into the house, finding his wallet/keys/phone aren’t his forte.  😉

pictured above is a piece i noticed at Costco when looking to buy toilet paper.  Costco gets ya like that.  my folks once went to buy paper towels and returned home with a grand piano.  i’m not kidding.

anyway, it’s a sturdy piece with lots of cubbies!  assembly required, but nothing too complicated, though it would have helped to have another set of hands on the task with me.

but you know me…gotta get it done when my mind is set on it.  so if husband is sleeping and i’ve made up my mind…then i’m going to do it!  even if it’s 1 am.  hi, no wonder i’ve got eye bags…at least they’re Louis Vuitton….or are they Kirkland?  probably the latter…

you’ll notice the labels on each bin:  baby toys, paper, craft supplies, cars/trucks, flash cards, wii.  at the end of each day, i try to get lil G to help me get the stuff back where it belongs, which is fun…if you’re idea of fun is trying to divert a 3 year old from pulling more toys out of the bins.  🙂  by spending 2 minutes a day doing this, i can easily find the right things the following day.

now, on to my next love.  Ikea.  Ikea inspires me.  when i’m bored or want to brainstorm, i go to Ikea.  so many things there can be re-purposed if you just let your mind slip out of the box a bit.  i wonder what it would be like to take an adderol before going to Ikea?

anyway…i saw this storage system in the kitchen area and figured it would be perfect for the kids’ pencils, glue, markers and crayons.  it’s easily reached from their art table and keeps the stuff off the ground so that the baby can’t chew them.

notice that table?  it was an antique i picked up at consignment (i’ll add more pix soon).  i specifically bought it b/c it has a lip around all the edges, which helps the markers and crayons from rolling off.  turns out this is quite a mid century fancy schmancy piece.  when i told the guy i was buying it for the kids, he grimaced and was dismayed that glue and glitter may adversely affect its finish.  🙂

our loft is a work in progress.  i’ve got some great plans for it…what do you think?

what organization ideas can you share?  i sense another 20+ Hot Wheels coming our way from Santa this year…

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