A warm, inviting French country kitchen

This was my inspiration for a country kitchen. I wanted distressed baby blue cabinets and white counters. This pin is still a little too stuffy, so I chose to simplify the cabinets as the Provence aesthetic is more simple, without the detailed cabinet faces.

And I didn’t want everything to look perfect. I wanted this home to look old and weathered, like it’s already lived a long and storied life! I always prefer a lived in vibe…one that’s inviting. Although… that window and those curtains are pretty rad, and the chandelier is special, too! But too over the top for me…

Using Chief Architect, I laid out the kitchen. I love how European homes use plaster, and I fell in love with the idea of using a similar look for our stove hood. I was very specific about the shape. I wanted a slight curve and the sides had to be flush against the cabinets. I don’t fancy the empty space between hoods and cabinets. And of course, I needed some reclaimed wood to wrap the bottom of the hood to warm up the whole feel.

How dreamy is this reading nook? I love having family and friends snuggle up and chat while I’m prepping a meal. It’s always the favorite spot in the house!

And the storage below…yes, we always need more storage, right?

Don’t you love the look of the moody patina on these copper pots? Reality is that they’d get so greasy and dusty stacked above or next to the stove, so I opted out of this choice. I hope I don’t regret it because this is a moody dream. I love everything about this look!


This arabesque motif is one I’ve eyed for years. There’s a cool tile manufacturer in Los Angeles called Arto Brick and they make some really great arabesque designs, but they’re better used on floors. I originally sourced a marble backsplash that I loved, but it was way too spendy, so I gave up that dream and chose something else…until I found this Elida Ceramica Arabesque Marble tile at Lowe’s, of all places! I think Arabesque is coming into vogue right now as I’m seeing a ton of it in just the past 6 months. It was virtually impossible to find 18 months ago!

I didn’t give up on Arto Brick, though, as they have a semi-annual garage sale that never disappoints. I met up with my friends Randi and Sam from Freckled Californian last fall at the garage sale and they were like the best junking friends you’ve always wantedt! They helped me dig through pallets upon pallets of tile to find these perfect hand-painted French gems.

I spent quite some time laying out the tiles in an imperfect pattern that showcased country animals found in Wyoming. Hello horsies, deer, bear, and chickens! These tiles serve as the stove backsplash and add some whimsy!

I don’t love stainless appliances, but in 2022 when the world’s supply chains were snarled, those were pretty much the only options offered. Appliance packages are taking upward of 20 months! Lucky for me, all of our stuff arrived within 9 with the exception of our fridge…still waiting! I found the last two Bosch quiet dishwashers in their entire inventory…in neighboring Idaho. Road trip! BUT, I did get a la Cornue fé stove in navy blue….I mean a French kitchen deserves a French stove, right?! The 60″ stove had two very small ovens and there’s now way it would fit a large turkey. Apparently the Europeans don’t cook 20 lb turkeys like we do here!

↓↓↓ So without further ado, this is what we built…I’ll update photos once I get a chance to dial everything in! ↓↓↓

I’ve got so much more to post and can’t wait to share it all with you!

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