Lego ice cream truck

lil G is now 4 1/2 and is so into Legos.  and with Legos, come hours of searching high and low for the right pieces to make your dream machine.


this super cool ice cream truck was inspired by the Lego Ideas Book.  the thing about this book is that it doesn’t come with instructions on how to build the cool stuff….but it does include a few snapshots by Lego die hards to give you a general idea of what they built.

so i set out to build an ice cream truck.  who doesn’t love ice cream?  and this one has a retractable solar-paneled roof.  i worked on a two-year project in the energy efficiency world, so i know a bit about this stuff….

lego ice cream truck with solar panel roof

what i know is that solar tech isn’t quite ready for prime time…but your kids don’t need to know this to build their Legos.  🙂  keep the dream alive!

lego ice cream truck with solar panel roof

the truth is that i secretly love to build Legos and as a kid, always wished i could have them…but alas, i waited until i had kids to take the Lego plunge.  and now i know why….hours and hours are spent in our secret fort making cool stuff.  🙂

i won’t go so far as to say this is a waste of time, because the creativity, fine motor skills, imagination, and fun that ensues are so wonderful.  we have so much fun building and creating together.

check out the solar panels, the energy storage packs, and exhaust fan on the roof!  i know, i know…pipe dreams to store the energy, but i’m trying people, i’m trying!

close up of solar panel roof on lego ice cream truck

the good news is that Big A isn’t eating the Legos anymore, so we can freely play without worrying about that!

back of lego ice cream truck


if you want a fun read on various methods for sorting your Legos, hop over to my friend Ricky’s blog.  he’s sort of nuts, but that’s why we love him! 🙂


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