loving x2


i was somewhat apprehensive about having my second child.  i’ve spent so much time nurturing my first, that i was starting to have anxiety that he and i would no longer have that special bond.  i couldn’t imagine having enough love to go around for another child.  

and here i am, amazed at what the Lord does to one’s heart when another family member is brought into the world.  

jamie lee curtis once said ‘i love you from the top of my heart because it’s much larger at the top than the bottom’ and that comment has stuck with me.
i’m grateful for the moments when lil G asks to squeeze into the glider while i’m feeding A…imagine the three of us all squished in there…elbows, knees, cloth diapers, blankets, bras, and us….oh, and the ipad, of course.  always the ipad.  
all snuggling up.  
just as God intended.

life is GREAT!


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