maple bacon doughnuts? yes, please.

our amazingly creative pal Sumter is opening the most incredible gourmet doughnut store ever.

here’s a classic pic of sumter on one of our namotu surf trips.  classic.

Namotu Fiji surf trip

he’s got an amazing right brain.  he designs hip men’s clothing, remodels gorgeous homes, writes his own music, and has incredible passion for the arts.

Sidecar Doughnuts truck!

so it wasn’t a surprise to us when he said he was opening a donut shop.  and not just a donut shop…a doughnut shop.

i was ‘that’ kid that was allowed to eat whatever, whenever.  yup.  ding dongs.  sugar cereals.  you name it.

my dad and i would go to church early on sunday mornings and then go to a donut place that sold Texas Donuts.  i’d always get the chocolate glazed that was bigger than my entire head.

i have such fond memories of those days.

now, we occasionally take our kids across the ferry in Newport and head to a dive donut shop on the Peninsula.

but now….a gourmet doughnut shop run by our friends?  HEAVEN!

Sidecar Doughnuts truck

how cool is this doughnut truck?

they’ve had tastings at their Costa Mesa kitchen for the past few months, inviting the locals to taste and comment.

i tasted.  and my comment, along with everyone else on their facebook and instagram pages, was WHEN ARE YOU OPENING?

Sidecar Doughnuts tasting in Costa Mesa

free for all…literally! YUM!!!

when we popped in, i was floored when i saw gluten-free options….

sure, sure, gluten-free, gluten-free….natural ingredients, healthy schmealthy.

give me the maple bacon gourmet doughnut.  

maple bacon donut by Sidecar Doughnuts

really? yes, really. a maple bacon gourmet donut.

oh, and the banana cake, nutella glazed doughnut.

banana cake nutella glazed donut by Sidecar Doughnuts

and don’t forget the girl scout cookie inspired samoa.

girl scout cookie-inspired Samoa donut by Sidecar Doughnuts

get in ma belly!

look at what Sumter has to say about his doughnuts:

“Our finely crafted doughnuts are made daily from scratch using only the finest ingredients, and no preservatives… ever! Simple recipes combined with the use of such quality ingredients as Strauss Milk and Chino Valley Eggs allow you to eat more than one doughnut and still feel great. We feature yeast-raised, cake, and buttermilk old-fashioned varieties, which we have dressed up with extras like fresh fruit, artisan chocolate, and even bacon. And since we didn’t want other morning treats to feel left out, we also offer a selection of specialty baked goods as well as breakfast sandwiches. With an eye to seasonal ingredients, and an insatiable creative drive, our chef regularly concocts new doughnut flavors and treats, allowing our offerings to update often. So be sure to check back with us regularly to see what goodness she has come up with lately!”

and for those coffee lovers out there, Sidecar is delivering the yummiest small-batch roasted coffee called Stumptown.

Stumptown Coffee bar, Portland OR

how cool are these cats who roast this Stumptown coffee?

so start doing those crunches and get those Lululemons on because the store opens soon!

you’ll find me at the front door…

open open open…. (name that commercial)

17th street in costa mesa next to mi casa.



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