pink cupcakes

we had two precious friends with birthdays today.

both named kate.

both turned 10.

pink cupcakes with frosting by

so it was time to make some cupcakes.

lil G suggested pink frosting.

so i used the yummy frosting found at

if you haven’t seen this amazing blog, you’ve GOT to check it out.

pink cupcakes with frosting by

Tiegan is a young woman who’s a clever writer, cooks the most delicious foods, and takes some amazing photos.  i think she’s still in her teens.  she’s awesome!

instead of adding cocoa powder, i used food coloring for some pink magic.

pink cupcakes with frosting by

um…when you add butter and powdered sugar together, there’s pretty much nothing that can go wrong.  as per Tiegan’s instructions, i beat this for about 3 minutes to get a mousse texture.   so fluffy and delish!!!

these were a huge hit.  A+ frosting recipe!!!

pink cupcakes with frosting by


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