queen anne dresser :: part 2

The Queen Anne dresser is coming along quite nicely.

This is where I started:


These are the steps I’ve taken thus far:

  • Pulled out all drawers and sanded the body of the dresser with a 220 grit paper.  Definitely wore a mask and had the garage door open as the dust was everywhere!  Wiped it all down then vacuumed to get the piece as clean as possible.
  • Painted base with Annie Sloan Louis Blue
  • Hand sanded again with 220, wiped, vacuumed.  Paid very close attention to the edges and spots where wear and tear would typically show
  • Dry brushed spots with Aubusson Blue to give some depth
  • Then I dipped a rag in some silvery gray oops paint I picked up, and rubbed in all over, paying attention to the sanded areas.  Wiped off.  I just want to have more of a layered look.
  • Grabbed an old brush, dipped in dark walnut Minwax, and lightly splattered to get some dots for more depth
  • Brushed on liberal Annie Sloan clear wax first as I didn’t want the piece to be too dark
  • Annie Sloan dark wax brushed on and wiped off immediately
  • This is after the painting and before the wax. Note the corner hasn’t yet been glued down as I didn’t want the glue to affect the look of the paint.

    You can see the different paint and stain layers here

    You can see a low sheen from the wax. When you buff the wax, the finish is so smooth and silky

    More to come as I hope to finish this piece tonight!

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