queen anne dresser refinishing :: part 1

my husband and i took care of our uncle george for the past 18 months.  he was a kind man with a generous nature.  he had nothing, but gave everything he found to those in need.

he treasured this queen anne dresser, which belonged to his parents.

i decided it should stay in the family.  the finish is in rough condition, but the shape is very pretty with its curved drawers.

here she is….

pretty decent looking from the front…until you look closely…

the top is worked.  water ring stains, veneer pulling off.  just a mess.

look how adorable these wheels are, though.

the drawer fronts are actually not so bad….

and here’s my inspiration.  upon the first brush stroke, i got a twinge of “i really hope my grandmother-in-law isn’t rolling in her grave because i’m painting this piece…”  ugh.

inspiration from europaintfinishes.blogspot.com

so i’m leaving the drawer fronts the natural wood, and am using chalk paint on the dresser body and top.  i want the chippy, rustic look to match the rest of our house.  hoping to achieve this very layered, rich look.

stay tuned…

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