Quinoa :: great protein for the kiddos

Quinoa is my new fave.  I particularly loved when I went into the store asking for ‘kee-no-ah.’

Um…it’s ‘keen-wah.’

You win some…you lose some…

Anyway, quinoa has great protein, is super easy to make, is versatile, and the kids love it.

I’m no pro chef, but I try to give the kids something other than Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets and Mac N Che if possible.

Here are the ingredients….chicken stock, green onions, raisins, cilantro, quinoa, salt and peppa, vinegar and olive oil.


Hello…we’re Fijian salt and pepper shakers.  Don’t you wish you had a pair just like these?  Lil G says “These guys need Jesus.  They’re mad!”

Following the portion instructions on your quinoa package, heat the chicken stock in a saucepan.  Once boiling, turn heat down to simmer.  Add quinoa, salt and pepper and cover until all the chicken stock has soaked into the quinoa.

Remove from heat, fluff up, and add the diced green onions, cilantro, chopped raisins, toss in some olive oil and rice vinegar for flavoring.

Done.  Easy.

I’ve also used bell peppers, balsamic, corn, walnuts, pine nuts, apples, crunchy pears.

Your options are endless!  And the kids love it.  Sometimes the husband likes it, too!

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