sneaking mushrooms into pasta sauce

rotini with mushroom-infused pasta sauce

if your kids are like mine, you’ve sometimes gotta be wiley with the veggies.

i present to you exhibit A.  mushrooms.  i love me some button mushrooms.

mushrooms and the magic bullet

did you know that mushrooms are the only fresh veggie with vitamin D?  not that we’ve needed any vitamin D around here with the scorching sun and heat in the past few weeks!  but, if you’re sun-deprived during the fall and winter months, eat a mushroom…or seven.

as many of you know, i LOVE my magic bullet.  i’m not sponsored by them.  i just love the tiny blender that has only two parts to wash.  the cup and the blade.  easy.

blend up some shrooms.  this attempt proved to be too dry, so i added some of the pasta sauce (not shown here) to get it going.

mushrooms blended in the magic bullet

and for an extra top secret way of getting the sauce kid-friendly, i add few secret ingredients to my marinara.  balsamic vinegar.  mmmm…balsamic vinegar.  so good.

pouring balsamic vinegar into pasta sauce

and brown sugar.  the combo of these two makes the sauce sweeter, and just enough to hide any secret ingredients i hide in the sauce.

sprinkling brown sugar into marinara sauce

here’s li’l G asking “Mommy, is there anything in this sauce?”

foiled!  he’s onto my wiley ways of hiding veggies and purees in just about everything.  and look…he ate it and even complimented the chef with “this is yummy!”

i’ll take it!


this guy eats just about everything, except when his big brother influences him.  but he devoured dinner tonight.


Big A prefers pasta with freshly grated parmesan and his special fork.  i have no idea what makes the fork special, but it just is.IMG_9867

i can’t spy, with my single eye, any mushrooms!  rotini with mushroom-infused pasta sauce

but i do spy that i completely missed the pot when pouring the vinegar and brown sugar into the sauce while simultaneously trying to take a picture.  foiled again!spilled balsamic vinegar on stove

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